Intelligent Logistics System (ILS) is developed to fully optimize and automate the product supply and distribution operations system. It can be applied in all business verticals including but not limited to food and beverage, agribusiness, industrial, automotive, chemical, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and generally any B2B or B2C environment where products should be distributed from a series of distribution centers to customer locations, or collected from pickup locations and dispatched to processing center(s). The system has significant positive impacts at both business and public levels. It reduces operational (transportation, fuel, driver, insurance, safety) and fixed costs (staff overhead, vehicles), and benefits public (carbon footprint reduction, road maintenance, traffic, safety) in general. In addition, the system will result in improved customer experience through coordinated and communicated timely deliveries and lower costs which will provide another competitive edge in the fiercely customer-focused business landscape of today. Our solution will replace people by a highly intelligent decision support system. The whole transportation planning department of any company with supply or distribution operations will subsequently disappear. The system will make better decisions in a much shorter (real-time) time periods. It will seamlessly integrate into the existing client systems (WMS, TMS, portals) and external data sources (Google Map), and will result in various tangible and intangible improvements at business and public levels.


Who is ILS for

ILS is serviceable throughout supply and distribution networks in large or small cities for a wide array of businesses including food, beverage, agriculture, industrial, automotive, chemical, healthcare, CPG, home and office furniture, and more. The target customers for ILS includes but is not limited to the following list:


Wholesalers and distributors

LTL for-hire or private carriers

Post Industry

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers

Last-mile delivery companies

Courier operators and parcel carriers

ILS software has been developed, customized and implemented for Goldiran Logistics Co.