:We may offer five pricing models as follows

1. Performance-Based Pricing Model: for the prospective clients who may question the benefits of the system, we will absorb all risks and charge a percentage (negotiable) of cost savings for the first few years as the service fee. If there is no cost saving, the client only pays a nominal fee;

2.Subscription-Based Pricing Model: we offer three fixed plans (loading, routing, and integrated system) with different features and pricing targets. It is billed monthly or annually, with a discount on annual subscriptions;

3.Service-Based Model (pay as you go): charged per usage of our system, depending on the size of their company (number of pickup/delivery points, number of product types, number of vehicle types, etc.)

4.Freemium Pricing Model: to persuade customers to work with our software, we offer a basic free-to-use part, supplemented by additional paid versions;

5.Customized Service Package Model (roll your own): we ask customers to customize their own service package, which lets them pick the add-ons they want. The price is obtained based on the selected services.